Lancut Castle – one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Europe, resounded with music in the first decades of the eighteenth century, thanks to the owners of the Castle of the Lubomirskis family, and later the Potockis family. The centuries-old musical tradition at the Lancut Castle were revived in 1961. – in June the same year, the State Philharmonic in Rzeszow and its director Janusz Ambros inaugurated the first “Days of Chamber Music” transformed in 1981 by the then artistic director Boguslaw Kaczynski into the “Lancut Music Festival” and later “Music Festival in Lancut,” which became an event of a deserved world-renown and “now the most famous Festival in Poland” – in the words of Krzysztof Penderecki. The Festival formula includes the recitals of prominent singers and instrumentalists, celebrities, and concerts of renowned orchestras and chamber bands, as well as scientific sessions and music workshops. The concerts within the Festival are held in various places, which harmonize with the nature of the presented works – Ballroom of the Lancut Castle Museum, Castle Park, where outdoor concerts are held,  Basilica of the Bernardine Fathers in Lezajsk, Lancut Synagogue and the Podkarpacka Philharmonic Hall . During the decades of the Festival history, many masterpieces of the world music literature, starting form early music unding up on contemporary music; instrumental works, vocal, vocal and instrumental works, such as oratorios and opera, with special emphasis on Polish music were preformed. The broad spectrum of festival concerts also included jazz and projects standing on the borderline of different species of art. Each concert is seasoned with the word of eminent musicologists who supplement program with valuable commentaries. The reputation of the Music Festival in Lancut can be proven by excellent names of the artists who have honored it with their presence. They include, e.g.: Adam Harasiewicz, Rafał Blechacz, Joseph Malovany, Mischa Maisky, Shlomo Minz, Andreas Scholl, legendary tenor – Jose Carreras, Kate Liu or Julian Rachlin. The festival is very popular and each time attracts crowds of several thousand listeners. Despite the many changes that have passed through the 56 years of its existence, it still retains the character of the music festival reaching an even wider audience. A constant and invaluable asset of the Festival remains a unique atmosphere of Lancut castle and its surroundings, allowing listeners move to the world of beauty and musical culture based on the centuries-old tradition. In maintaining the continuity and high artistic level of the Music Festival in Lancut help our Donors and music lovers – offering it  financial support, kindness and friendship. Every edition of the Music Festival in Lancut, is also an important new written card in the cultural history of Podkarpacie Region.


Since 2009 the Festival Director has been Prof. Marta Wierzbieniec.

Podkarpacka Philharmonic Hall